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2019 Calendar of Scientist Priests


This attractive 12-month 12x12" wall calendar highlights the connection between natural and divine revelation by highlighting a dozen of the most famous priest scientists in history:

  • Each month features a different Pope, priest, bishop, blessed or saint who contributed to the advancement of science,
  • Life histories of each featured man shows not only his scientific acumen, but also his life as a priest,
  • Contains over 100 additional one-line biographies of famous scientists-priests throughout history,
  • Carries the complete calendar of saints for the Universal Church,
  • Carries weekly reminders for Friday fasts and Saturday confession,
  • Includes biographies of TWO Popes, THREE Blesseds, TWO Saints and a Doctor of the Church,
  • BONUS: Highlights days when special indulgences are available,
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Priests featured in this calendar:

  • Nicolaus Copernicus, whose heliocentric research was funded by the Church
  • Marin Mersenne, who discovered Mersenne numbers and invented the scientific correspondance network
  • Ruggiero Giusseppe Boscovich, whose model of the atom was foundational to all subsequent work 
  • Pierre Gassendi, who named and explained the aurora borealis
  • Bernard Bolzano, who invented the concept of the limit before Newton or Leibniz
  • Francseco Maria Grimaldi, who taught Newton about light
  • Nicole Oresme, who argued for a rotational earth two centuries before Copernicus
  • Christopher Clavius, the "Euclid of the sixteenth century"
  • Athanasius Kircher, the Father of Geology and the inventor of the public museum,
  • Giovanni Battista Riccioli, whose moon map is still in use today
  • James Macelwane, key to development of the "Jesuit Science", seismology
  • Eugenio Barsanti, inventor of the piston engine

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