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Faith and Electromagnetism




Did you know that the science of electromagnetism was almost entirely created by Catholics?

Ampere, Volta, Galvani, Coloumb - every one of them was a staunch Catholic!

Discover just how electrifying Christian Faith can be with this captivating 18" by 24" laminated poster!

Nearly 30 of the men who founded the principles of electricity are featured, from the initial work in the field of electromagnetism. You'll find out about



  • The Catholic physician who first discovered electrical conduction in muscles, and who was persecuted for refusing to take an anti-Catholic oath to the secular government,
  • The Catholic physicist who invented the battery and who prayed the Rosary daily,
  • The Catholic physicist for whom the standard unit of radioactivity is named,
  • The two devout Christians each of whom accomplished a grand unification of physics, and each of whom wrote or taught extensively on the importance of theology,
  • The Orthodox Christian who single-handedly invented the entire system of AC power generation, and whose inspiration for wireless energy transmission came as he  was studying the Book of Revelation,
  • and many, many more



You'll be amazed by the famous scientists, the Nobel prize winners, who devoutly read the Scriptures and maintained a life of prayer their whole life long.



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"As a physics and theology teacher at a Catholic high school, the electromagnetic poster gives me a chance to connect our faith to what we are doing in the classroom.  Also, the customer service department is excellent."
       ~Raymond Depta, Nolan Catholic High School, Fort Worth

A Customer Comments
"Thank you for doing this. My husband is going to school for Electrical Engineering. He comes home from school and talks about amps and volts. I now have more appreciation for his passion and we'll both have more appreciation for all the good Catholics & Christians that have contributed to the career he has chosen. May God bless your business!"
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