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Famous Scientist-Priests


This new edition of the classic Famous Catholic Scientists focuses purely on the contributions made by ordained men to the sciences. Six different scientific disciplines are featured:

  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Astronomy
  • Biology
  • Geology
  • Mathematics

In each discipline, we highlight nine different ordained men who contributed to that discipline. In many cases, the featured priests were not only well-known for their contributions, these men actually founded a brand new branch of the science in question! Wherever this is the case, the Founding Father title is provided to help you identify their important contributions.

Discover the priests who invented:

  • the alarm clock (we forgive him),
  • the Big Bang theory,
  • the moveable frame beehive,
  • the public science museum,
  • double-entry bookkeeping.

Or the priests who discovered: 

  • the sun is a star,
  • the sequence of prime numbers that bears his name,
  • catalytic chemistry,
  • genetics,
  • the drug to treat malaria,
  • the speed of sound,
  • royal jelly,
  • the first element ever isolated, arsenic,
  • how to transmit the human voice with a wireless device.

Or learn the remarkable story of the priest whose discovery of a new beetle species saved him from certain death!  Or the priests whose work is still exhibited in the National Air and Space Museum. Six disciplines, fifty-four ordained men, fifty-four amazing stories, all of it on one poster!

Inspire your students to investigate the mysteries God hid for us to discover, and follow the Creator of the Universe as these ordained men did!

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